Monday, May 27, 2019

No More Turkeys

In my efforts to downsize and do better at the things that I do I decided to give my turkeys - the adults and babies - away to a young man whom I know to be very good with animals.  The turkey pen had become a muddy mess and I thought hard about the time and effort it would take me to get it into a nice living environment and decided I didn't want to put in the time.  

The turkeys were cool as could be and I'll miss listening to their gobbling and watching them strut.  But it's time.  

I have a dear family, horses, beekeeping, an enormous vegetable garden and yard, fruit trees, chickens, swimming pool, cats, dogs, maple syrup production, community involvement, and running a house to keep me very busy.    

The husband and I have become empty nesters and would also like the opportunity to do a bit more traveling! 

Hence the decision to downsize one more thing. 

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